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Idler stand-alone product
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Roller shaft milling end face punching machine tool

This equipment is a special equipment for the circlip groove of the double-end car of the roller shaft, which can process the grooves of the two shaft heads at the same time.

1), the outer diameter of the processing roller shaft: ¢20-¢50mm

2) Length of processing roller shaft: 320-2300mm (200-2300mm)

3), processing groove width: 1-3mm

4) Spindle speed: 150-3000rpm

5) Cutting depth: 0-3mm

6) Spindle motor: 3-4kw

7) Machining accuracy: IT7

8) Feeding method: CNC, servo control

9) Processing efficiency: 800-500 pieces/8 hours (320-2700 shafts)

10) Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.02mm

11) Manual loading and unloading of workpieces, others are automatically completed by the equipment

12) Tool configuration: forming knife

13). Double or four grooves can be opened at the same time.

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