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Idler stand-alone product
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Double gun automatic high-speed welding machine (pneumatic high-speed welding)

The purpose and characteristics of the equipment

1. GSH-2*200KR roller double gun circular seam CO2 automatic welding machine is mainly used to complete the circular seam automatic welding machine of the roller barrel and the bearing seat.


1. The welding machine is equipped with two Tangshan Panasonic YM-350KRⅡ gas shielded welding machines. Both ends are welded at the same time and completed at one time. It is an ideal equipment for mass production.

2. Using programmable controller to control, improve production efficiency and welding quality.

3. The system adopts ergonomic design, which makes the operation convenient and labor-saving for the operator, and reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

4. The running status of the system and system alarms are displayed on the programmable terminal. The good man-machine interface makes the system maintenance intuitive and easy to operate.

5. Except for loading and unloading, all other processes of this equipment are automatically completed, with simple adjustment, reliability and high degree of automation.

Input power ——————————————————————— Three-phase 380v 50Hz

Rated load duration ————————————————————————— 60%

Rated output current —————————————————————————— 350A

Applicable welding wire ——————————————————————— φ0.8~~φ1.2mm

Shielding gas flow ——————————————————————— 10~25L/min

Length of Weldable Workpiece —————————————————————— 180~~2200mm

Weldable workpiece diameter —————————————————————— φ89~φ159mm

Spindle speed —————————————————————————— 0~~10rpm

Clamping cylinder stroke ————————————————————————— 200mm

Adjustable angle of welding torch ————————————————————— ±20°

Backward adjustable angle of welding gun (through spindle center) ————————————————— 0-17°

Machine tool —————————————————————— 4000*800*1500mm

Total equipment weight ———————————————————————————— 1900kg

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